The Vocational Promotion and Guidance Branch, operating within the Western Thrace Minority Univeristy Graduates Association, made a presentation on “Active Learning” for high school students on Friday, October 20. The conversation started by asking the students “What is the first basic rule of learning?” was continued by focusing on possible ways of learning. Keeping the desire to learn alive, basing new information on old information and organizing knowledge were mentioned. Subsequently, it was stated that in order for the learning process to be successful, the person must first be aware of his own learning characteristics. It was stated that being aware of what a person knows and does not know and how he/she learns new information makes learning easier. The importance of the emotions felt during learning was also emphasized, and it was emphasized that negative emotions lead to negative automatic thoughts, thus making the act of learning impossible. Finally, the strategies that should be implemented for successful studying were explained. At the end of the presentation, an educational activity was held with the students about keeping information in short-term memory.

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