The Vocational Promotion and Guidance Branch, which operates within the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association, held interviews with experts in the field of Architecture and Interior Architecture for high school students on Friday, December 1.

The first person to speak was Mr. Turgay Mumin, architect, who talked about what qualities students who choose this department should have. He emphasized that the department of architecture is not just about school courses, but also that, if possible, it is necessary to visit all the buildings in the world and gain general cultural knowledge about these buildings. He also stated that architects should constantly update their knowledge in the face of rapidly developing construction technologies today. He stated that students who choose the department should have creativity, practicality and programmed working qualities. Afterwards, the course contents and study areas of the Architecture department were discussed.

The other guest of the interview Mr. Veysel Arif Emin, interior architect, started his speech by introducing himself and talking about the process of choosing the department. He stated that drawing ability would be useful to become an interior designer, but it is not necessary. He stated that it is important for students who choose the department to have a high imagination and interest in art. Talking about the advantages of knowing English, our guest also stated that computer design programs will need to be learned in education and business life. Stating that interior architecture requires focusing on details, the speaker stated that it requires working patiently during the student period. Our speaker stated the importance of doing an internship in order to gain experience after graduation and also touched upon his areas of work.

The interview ended by answering the students’ questions.

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