The Vocational Promotion and Guidance Branch, operating within the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association, held a talk on “Biology Department” for high school students on Thursday, November 16.
Emine Alim, a graduate ot the Department of Biology of Trakya University and a member of the women’s branch of our association, started her speech by giving advice to the students on how to thoroughly research and obtain information about the department they will choose. Subsequently,
our guest, who ensured active participation by asking the question “What is bio?”, continued the interview by giving priority to the questions the students were curious about. Then, she talked about her experiences and knowledge, starting from her first year in the department. Giving information that biology is intertwined with basic sciences, she explained the specialties of the biology department one by one. She continued by touching on the differences and similarities of biology with genetic engineering and molecular biology, explaining with examples how studies are carried out in this field, and also included course contents and laboratory courses. She gave advice by mentioning that being active and open to learning during your student years is important in terms of gaining
experience. Finally, she expressed to the students that it is important to conduct research on the equivalence of the courses so that the courses of the department they study can be recognized abroad. After her motivating speech to the students about self-belief and self-confidence, the interview ended with positive gains and feedback.

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