The Vocational Promotion and Guidance Branch, operating under the Western Thrace Minority
University Graduates Association, made a presentation on “Interview Techniques in the Academic Field”
on Friday, April 7th.
At the beginning of the presentation, the importance of body language was emphasized. The
importance of being able to express oneself with body language such as eye contact, smiles, gestures
and facial expressions and creating a positive image on the opposite side was explained to the students
in detail.
The other subject that was emphasized in the presentation was about the generalization and content of
the interview. In this context, the points to be considered before the interview, what to do and what to
avoid during the interview were emphasized.
Finally, the basic logic of the questions asked in the interviews conducted in business and education
procurement was emphasized. Then, examples were given to the questions that the students might
encounter and how they could answer them was explained.

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