Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association Women’s Branch held a wonderful event called “Women’s Aesthetics in the Universe” on Friday evening, February 23, 2024, at WTMUGA Komotini Central Local. Psychologist Asime HASANOGLU, Lawyer Gizem BESIM and Theologian Emine PALAZLI attended the event as speakers. Psychologist Asime HASANOGLU talked about being a woman in her speech, and also pointed out our ethical values, the importance of self-awareness and the truth of the saying “whatever we focus on, we grow”. Lawyer Gizem BESIM touched upon women’s rights when it comes to divorce, custody and inheritance sharing. Finally, theologian Emine PALAZLI gave a comprehensive and explanatory speech about the cultural importance of women and their place in society. At the end of the productive event, all participants were given certificates of participation.

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