The Miracle Theater, operating under the Western Thrace Minority Graduates Association
(WTMUGA), performed two different shows in Xanthi on 29 and 30 April.
WTMUGA Miracle Theater was highly appreciated by the public with its theatrical plays.
First, on Saturday, April 29, Prof.Dr. The play “Neighboring Village Crazy”, adapted from
Ustun DOKMEN’s work, was staged. The play, in which middle school students took part,
was applauded for their magnificent performances.
Speaking before the theater performance hosted by Alev KIRHUSEYİNOGLU, WTMUGA
President Dr. Huseyin BALTACİ thanked Senemahu TOPUZ, Technical Team, players and
families for their great efforts in the preparation of the works.
The Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Komotini, Mr. Aykut UNAL’s
wife Mrs. Ilayda UNAL, our Mufti Mustafa TRAMPA, our deputies as well as the heads of
all institutions and organizations attended.
A plaque was presented to the KATIA family, Huseyin EMINE, Dalli Cicekci, Sevgi Kehaya,
who undertook the sponsorship of the Miracle Theater, by the President of WTMUGA.
In addition, the Coordinator of the Technical Team prepared by WTMUGA Miracle Theater,
to Mrs. Sevtap HINT. A plaque was prepared for Sabri HACIIBRAM, Dilek HACIHALIL,
Halil MUSLI, Gonen MOLLA, Naciye HALİLOGLU, Oznur BEKIR, Yigit Bener AVCI for
their assistance.
On the other hand, in the “Miracles” show of WTMUGA Miracle Theater Ensemble on
Sunday, April 30, plays composed of seven different skits by Ayca PECENEK and the
MUCIZE spelling supplement took place.
Snow White, Parent Meeting, Laughter Class, Organs Talk, Noise of Our House, Evil Eye
Sevkiye, I’m Leaving the Link took the stage.
The magnificent performance of the little actors received great applause from the audience.
Huseyin BALTACİ, President of the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates
Association, emphasized the importance of art in his opening speech and congratulated all the
little actors on the stage.
TOCEK Director, Mrs. Sukran RAIF who came to watch the show, expressed in her speech
that she is proud of Senemahu Topuz, who is a TOCEK actor and responsible for WTMUGA
Miracle Theater, for following the path she showed and for making Xanthi people love the
Theater. There were quite emotional moments.
All Miraculous Theater Players were given plaques on the stage by WTMUGA President.

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