Miracle Theatre, which operates under the umbrella of the Western Thrace Minority
University Graduates Association, set out to perform the play “The Madman of the
Neighboring Village” in cooperation with Ankara State Theatres.
During the trip to Ankara, which lasted 3 days and included artistic, cultural and historical
dimensions, many visits and activities were made.
The team arrived in Ankara on Wednesday, January 3, and was greeted and served a meal by
the President of the Balkan Foundation Hifzi KURUSA and the board members. At the
dinner, TIKA Deputy Chairman Mr. Mahmut CEVIK also did not leave our young players
alone. The program continued with a visit to the Aqua Vega Aquarium and then to the Capital
Teachers’ Center.
On Thursday, January 4, WTMUGA Chairman. Dr. Huseyin BALTACI, Xanthi Cultural
Center Manager Mrs. Sevtap HINT and Miracle Theater Manager Mrs. Senemahu TOPUZ
were hosted by Ambassador Mr. Burak OZUGERGIN in his office at the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs. Afterwards, the whole team visited ANITKABIR accompanied by a guide and
appeared before Ata. Afterwards, they moved to the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related
Communities (YTB) Presidency and visited YTB Chairman Mr. Abdullah EREN. Mr.
President, who took one-on-one care with our young players, hosted them with dinner after
giving them a surprise gift. The team completed the day in Atakule with a bird’s eye view of
Friday, January 5
General Director of State Theatres, Mr. Tamer KARADAGLI and our young players had the
opportunity to meet and chat. Mr. Tamer KARADAGLI who gave a seminar lecture for over
an hour promised to watch our children in the next game.
Following the visit, our young actors went to the 75th Anniversary stage of Ankara State
Theatre, where the play was staged, and prepared for the show.
The play “THE MADMAN OF THE NEIGHBORING VILLAGE”, written by Prof. Dr. Mr.
Ustun DOKMEN, adapted and directed by Senemahu TOPUZ, and coordinated by Sevtap
HINT, took the stage. In addition to the people of Ankara, YTB President Mr. Abdullah
EREN and his wife Mrs. Elif EREN, TIKA President. Asst. Mr. Mahmut CEVIK, Altindag
District Governor Mr. Cumali ATILLA, President of the Balkan Foundation Mr. Hifzi
KURUSA and the members of the Board of Directors, BTTDD Chairman Mr. Hasan
KUCUK, BTTDD Women’s Branch President Mr. Nalan HACIDELI and Board members,
BATOB student representative Mr. Furkan NIZAM and his students from Western Thrace,
former Consul General of Komotini, Mr. Murat OMEROGLU and his wife, representatives of
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and many art lovers attended.
They applauded the Miracle players, showered our young people with flowers and invited
them to the next game.
After the visit to the Museum of Civilizations and Ankara Castle, organized by YTB on
Saturday, January 6, the team set out on their way back.
In this process, we would like to express our thanks initially to Mr. Aykut Unal, Consul
General of the Turkish Republic in Komotini and would like to express our endless gratitude
to attorney Sabri HACIIBRAM, Yigit Bener AVCI, Serkan HATIP, working in the technical
team, our parents who supported us, all the institutions that organized the trip and welcomed
us, and the people of Ankara.

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