The event themed “The Importance of Primary School Education and Family”, organized by Xanthi Mufti, Xanthi Turkish Union, Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association and Minority Schools Councils Union, was held in Xanthi Turkish Union on Tuesday, March 7th.

At the event, the Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa TRAMPA, the President of Xanthi Turkish Union Ozan AHMETOĞLU, the President of the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association Hüseyin BALTACI and the President of the Minority Schools Councils Union Ahmet KARA gave greeting speeches. In the speeches, it was stated that the minority schools
are an achievement provided to the Turks of Western Thrace by international agreements and that they are extremely important in maintaining their own culture and identity. It was stated that the education in minority schools is not as bad as some circles stated, and that these circles deliberately and plannedly try to expel minority children from minority schools.

The importance of Western Thrace Turkish minority education was emphasized in the speeches at the event, in which mostly the mothers of the students participated. It was stated that minority schools are indispensable for the Western Thrace Turkish Minority and called for the enrollment of students in minority schools. In the panel directed by ITB Vice President Sevil ŞERİFOGLU; Preschool Teacher Elvan KAHYA dealed with the subject “What is Language, Importance of Education in Mother Language”, while Preschool Teacher Dilber Kahya and Psychologist Sevkan TAHSINOGLU dealed with the subjects “Positive Effects of Mother Language on Children” and “Sense of Belonging in Children”. In addition, Xanthi Mufti Religious Officer İlter MECO, who took part in the event, talked about the situation of the Turks in Rhodes, where minority schools were closed, and some events that happened to him on the island, where he worked for about four years.

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