The Vocational Promotion and Guidance Branch, operating under the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association, held the fourth session on the “Imperfection Chart” titled “Self-Confidence” within the framework of “Personal Development Workshops”on March 3, 2023.
In the presentation which was prepared jointly by them, high school senior Meryem and high school second class student, Sude, gave place to sub-headings such as defining the subject of the imperfection schema and the characteristics, origins and coping styles of the people who have the imperfection schema. Then, even though there are stereotypes that are difficult to change, the imperfection schema was discussed in terms of what can be done to reduce its impact in our lives. Examples were given for better understanding of the subject. In addition, by making a trip to the past with the workshop group students, awareness of the memories they lived was made and evaluations were made by drawing attention to the similarities and differences between their current emotional states.

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