On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the elections of the WTMUGA Women’s Branch were held at the headquarters of the Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association.

2 of the 71 votes used in the election, which was held with the participation of 71 female members, were deemed invalid. Mrs. Belgin Molla Ahmet Mehmet Oglu was the chairman of the Board of the Election Board, and Mrs. Sevgi Molla and Gulsum Huseyin as the secretary.

After the Women’s Branch Vice President Sevkan Tahsinoglu made the opening speech, Secretary General Sibel Abdullah Hasan presented the activity report and Cashier Refiye Bekir presented the cost report.

The distribution of tasks carried out at the meeting held on the same day is as follows:

Chairman : Sukriye Mehmet (58 votes)

Vice-President: Pelin Koca Mullah (33 votes)

Secretary General: Sabiha Arif (40 votes)

Cashier : Doga Kasap (33 votes)

Member: Ayse Mustafa (33 votes)

Member: Sibel Abdullah Hasan(30 votes)

Member: Emine Palazlı (29 votes)

Alternate Member: Emine Alim (24 votes)

Alternate Member: Esma Hoca (17 votes)

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