Young Academics Community (YAC), operating under WTMUGA, organized an iftar at the
Xanthi WTMUGA Local on Wednesday, April 19th. Iftar FEP Party Chairman Cigdem
Asafoglu, WTMUGA President Huseyin Baltaci, ITB vice-chairman Sevil Serif, BTTOB
Vice President Hasan Bosniak, Council of Councilors Association President Ahmet Kara,
BAKES Director Pervin Hayrullah, WTMUGA Vice President Ali Alioglu, WTMUGA
Secretary Murat Ahmet, WTMUGA Xanthi Local Responsible and Coordinator of “Okutan
Anne” Project Sevtap Hint, YAC Responsible Burak Adil as well as; YAC Senior Manager,
Thessaloniki, Athens, Larisa Local Managers, FEP Youth Branches, BATÖB Managers,
International Balkans Association Managers, ITB New Generation Branch participated.
In the speeches made after the meal, messages of unity and solidarity were given.

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